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The best Spanish olive oils...
The best Spanish olive oils...

The best Spanish olive oils "Alimentos de España" finalists 2023-2024

Discover the creme de la creme of Spanish olive oils with our exclusive set of the finalists of the Spanish Oil Awards. This set includes three standout olive oils, each of which shines in its own category: Sweet Green, Bitter Green, and Organic. Each oil comes from renowned producers known for their superior quality and commitment to sustainability.

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Omed Picual – Sweet Green Category

As a finalist in the Sweet Green category, the Omed Picual impresses with its exceptionally soft and pleasantly sweet aroma. This first cold pressed oil offers a delicate flavor, with notes of green grass, tomato and fresh herbs united. Ideal for refining salads and flavoring fine dishes, where it can fully develop its delicate sweetness.

Bailén Picual Gold – Bitter Green Category

From the Verde Amargo category comes the most intense Oro Bailen Picual. This oil is known for its powerful and slightly bitter flavor, making it a favorite among lovers of strong flavors. It is characterized by its distinctive profile with notes of artichoke and green almond, complemented by a spicy touch that combines perfectly with grilled meats or strong pasta dishes.

Finca la Torre Hojiblanca – Ecological Category

In the Ecological segment, Finca la Torre Hojiblanca produces an oil according to strict ecological principles. This Hojiblanca olive oil impresses with its complex variety of aromas with nuances of fresh grass cut, apple and a note of almonds. Its balanced bitterness and fruity aftertaste make it ideal for making vinaigrettes or as an ending to soups and stews.


This set offers a unique opportunity to experience the variety and quality of the Spanish olive oil market leaders. Each oil in this trio has been carefully selected to show the sensory qualities that make it a finalist for the prestigious Awards Prepared Olive Oil Foods from Spain. Ideal for gourmets and those who want to enhance their culinary creations with authentic and exquisite olive oil.

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Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Oil pressing
Cold presst extra virgin olive oil
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