Olive oil La Maja 500ml - Olive oil - Agrícola La Maja

    Olive oil La Maja 500ml

    La Maja Coupage is a magnificent, well-known extra-virgin olive oil, with a blend of carefully selected olives resulting in a unique, limited-edition oil.

    • 2023/2024
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    Olive Oil La Maja

    The consumers of olive oil often state that only that oil is worth their attention which is strong enough to arouse all their taste and aromatic senses, whose even one drop is a unique blend full of flavor and aroma that can stimulate all the taste buds. So, I can handsomely relate the family business Agrícola La Maja here, who is fulfilling this promise of the provision of pure, flavorful extra virgin olive oil.

    Extra virgin olive oil is frequently called as liquid healthy gold owing to its enormous health benefits. Unlike other edible oils, its not just the benefits of olive oil that makes it this much famous, but also its quirky flavor and distinctive profile. All these characteristics can be attained in oil extracted from olives only by great care and careful processes. Agrícola La Maja, from its harvesting to milling, collecting and packing, each and every step is handled with great care, love and passion to preserve all the qualities of high standard olives in their bottles.

    Let’s talk about one of their famous product “La Maja” and then throw some light upon the company’s practices to see how their products are produced.

    Olive Oil La Maja 500ml

    La Maja, is an exquisite blend of Arbequina and Arróniz olive varietal. This extra virgin olive oil comes in limited annual edition category. This unique blend of two olive varieties contains 90% oil from Arbequina and 10% from Arróniz.

    On one hand Arbequina olive oil is very fluid and sweet in taste. In it peppery or bitter flavors cannot be perceived, and it has intense fruity aromas of apples, banana and almond. While, on the other hand, the Arróniz olive variety has a maximum oil yield, and is resistant to shredding. Its flavor consists of a tomato and ripe fruit blend with mild bitterness. Both these olive varieties are stable and have good cooking properties. When an exquisite mixture of these two oils is made, the result is in the form of product “La Maja”.

    Following are the main features of this amazing product:


    La Maja has green to yellow fresh color

    Flavor and Aroma:

    Tasting note of La Maja olive oil

    Olive oil tasting note


    Lively, surprising flavours, reminding us of fresh, green fruit. Cut herbs, artichoke, tomato, apple, and with slight notes of kiwi.




    Balanced with its aroma, a medium bitterness and a smooth heat. Clean.

    Meticulous mixture of olive varieties give it a lively, surprising flavors and aroma of fresh green fruit, cut herbs, apple, tomato, artichoke and a slight note of kiwi, along with re-affirmed medium bitterness and slight late “bite”. 


    Extra virgin olive oil’s quality is often measured by its acidity level. It is considered virgin, if it falls between 0.8% to 2%. The acidity level of La Maja is 0.1%, making it of very high quality


    It is a filtered, cold processed olive oil with no adulteration.


    La Maja comes in decent dark colored glass bottles of 500ml, with very elegant label on it.


    This product can be best paired with salads, vegetables, bread, Iberian ham, cooked and grilled fish, meat and can be consumed raw with vegetables and crackers.

    Agrícola La Maja

    Before purchasing the product, it is better to have a look at the company’s profile to see why is it among the top rated olive oil producers and what makes them outstanding.

    Agrícola La Maja was founded in 1997 and is a family run business of olive cultivation, oil production and its marketing. With decades and decades of experience, our careful enthusiastic work has translated our efforts of growing olive grooves, collecting fruit and processing them into the production of exceptional quality extra virgin olive oil of different varieties.

    The pattern in which olive grooves are grown (4 x 1.5 meters) enables the speedy cultivation, maturation, harvesting and collection. The mechanized harvesting techniques do not let the fruit to rupture or hit the ground, that would otherwise compromise the end product’s quality. The fruits are harvested on the basis of ripeness cycle. Oil is extracted as soon as possible after the collection to ensure no degradation of the olives, this entire process of collection and starting the processing of olives take no more than 12 hours.

    Types of Oil:

    The main variety cultivated on our farms is Arbequina and to lesser extent other varieties like Picual, Empeltre, Arróniz, Koroneiki and Arbosana. From these varieties two types of oil are collected:

    • 100% Arbequina from green olives
    • 75% Arbequina with a blend of other varieties from ripe olives

    Only sound olives enter the cold extraction process, the rest is discarded. That is why our oil is characterized as one of the best quality extra virgin olive oil.


    The processing of these olive fruits is divided into following three steps:

    1. Reception

    At reception, washing of olives with the help of blower takes place that also removes leaves, degraded olives, stones and other desirable objects. Then it is followed by temporary storage of olives for weighing and chuting. Then they enter the milling stage.

    1. Milling

    A stainless steel hammer presses the fruit and a mass consisting of water, stone and vegetable matter is obtained. This mass is mixed at constant temperature below 27 ºC.

    At the time of harvesting, depending upon their ripe stage, oil initially contains 15- 30% water, 40- 55% stone and 23- 35% vegetable matter.

    The mass is then centrifuged to separate the oil from the rest of the mass at low temperature and high speed.

    1. Storing

    After oil separation it is stored in stainless steel containers at 18- 20 ºC temperature under inert nitrogen atmosphere with no outside light contact and air. Then it is packed as per requirement.


    Olive oil is exceptionally good for health. But to gain maximum benefit, only high quality and pure product are recommended. Not all companies ensure this provision. If are looking out for a source to buy this product then you are looking at the right side. The ‘Spanish Oil’ is a trustworthy and reliable company. We ensure the delivery of only high quality products of different suppliers from Spain to all around the globe. Do give us a try and I am sure you will not go anyswhere else, as customer satisfaction has always been our first and utmost priority.

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    500 ml
    Mendavia, Navarra - Northern Spain
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Type of Olive
    100% Blend
    Oil pressing
    Cold presst extra virgin olive oil
    Green - yellow
    Intense fruity
    Lively, surprising flavours, reminding us of fresh, green fruit. Cut herbs, artichoke, tomato, apple, and with slight notes of kiwi.
    Balanced with its aroma, a medium bitterness and a smooth heat. Clean.
    read by machine
    Salads, vegetables, with bread, Iberian ham, fish, meat, and any raw use.
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