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Feinschmecker Olio Award 2022 Olive Oil Winner Set - Award winner -

Feinschmecker Olio Award 2022 Olive Oil Winner Set

Feinschmecker OLIO AWARD 2022 - The test winner is the Picual olive oil from Omen, which repeatedly took first place as the best olive oil.

In second place is Rincon de la Subbética, a single-variety olive oil pressed purely from Hojiblanca olives.

The winning package from the Feinschmecker 2022 Oli Award also inspires us from Spanish-oil, both olive oils are highly recommended and 100% delicious.

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Feinschmecker Olio-Award test winner set 2022

Whether as an enrichment for your own gourmet kitchen or as an exclusive gift for a dear friend, you will definitely score points with the Feinschmecker Olio-Award test winner set 2022. Because the two best olive oils, the Picual from Omed and the Hojiblanca from Rincón de la Subbética, inspire with their intensely fruity taste. It is not for nothing that the two Spanish olive oils are highly praised by the world-renowned expert jury.

Let yourself be inspired by a fruit explosion in the nose and the typical tart aromas of a fresh, green olive oil in the mouth! Both the Picual olive oil on the podium and the Hojiblanca oil in second place put the icing on the cake for an extravagant dish. But also raw, as a small snack with fresh white bread or as a gourmet dip for a starter, the two first-class gourmet extra virgin olive oils are a unique treat.

What is the Feinschmecker Olio-Award?

For 20 years now, the German magazine Feinschmecker has had several hundred olive oils tested by a high-class expert jury every year. From Spain to Tunisia and from California to Australia, olive oil producers send in their products from all over the world. So that there can be no influence when tasting the olive oils, all oils are presented to the olive oil experts in a neutral bottle. This ensures that only the exquisite taste and the wonderful aromas of each olive oil are judged.

It is tasted strictly according to the rules of the IOOC (International Olive Oil Council) and, as usual, in three groups: intensely fruity, medium fruity and slightly fruity. In addition to olive oil experts from Germany, experts from Spain, Italy, Croatia and Greece assess the quality of the olive oils. Oils that have off-flavors and, for example, have a rancid, vinous or even musty overtone are immediately disqualified. All oils that remain in the race receive their rating in the form of 0 to 5 Gourmet Effs (F). At the end, the winning oils will be chosen from the 60 olive oils with the highest rating.

Their olive oils are just as fiery as the Spaniards themselves. Because both first and second place in the category of intensely fruity extra virgin olive oils go to Spain in 2022.

Feinschmecker-Award test winner: Omed Picual

It is not the first time that the top-class Picual olive oil from Omed has been included in the Feinschmecker Award among the best olive oils. But this year, the limited, single-variety extra virgin olive oil made it onto the podium. As the best, intensely fruity olive oil, it fascinated the international expert jury with a wild and exciting composition of aromas.

The complex Omed Picual olive oil smells wonderfully of fresh, green olives. It has typical grassy and tomato notes, can come up with citrusy nuances and is reminiscent of herbs such as thyme, sage and chamomile. On the second sniff, green scents of artichokes, lamb's lettuce or pears can be perceived. Even a hint of almond stimulates the olfactory nerves.

For the taste test, the judges let the winning oil slowly roll over their tongues. You seem to be literally chewing it and are delighted on the palate by the gentle bitterness of the stimulating olive oil. When swallowed, a slightly aromatic-exotic spiciness unfolds, reminiscent of white pepper.

By the way, the excellent gourmet oil from Omed is also considered to be particularly healthy. Because both as a single-variety Picual olive oil and as an oil from the first harvest, it can come up with many polyphenols. Enjoy test-winning oil and at the same time prevent cardiovascular diseases!

2. Rincón de la Subbética Hojiblanca Square

It's not the first time that Rincón de la Subbética's Hojiblanca olive oil has made it into the Gourmet Hall of Fame. The extravagant olive oil received a gourmet award for the first time in 2004. It also received a gourmet award in 2020. And now, in 2022, the single-variety organic olive oil is in second place again in the front row.

As soon as you open the bottle, you can smell the wonderful scent of fresh olives and freshly cut grass. Underlined by tomato notes and citric aromas, an exciting mixture unfolds, which is also reminiscent of green almonds, lettuce and green peppers. A delicate, typical bitterness sets in on the inside of the mouth, while the top-class extra virgin olive oil is chilli-hot with drums and trumpets.

Of course, the Hojiblanca from Rincón de la Subbética is the perfect complement to the healthy Mediterranean diet. In addition, the high-quality oil impresses with its organic cultivation and thus offers the guarantee of being free of harmful substances on the one hand and treating the environment with care on the other.

A very special gift

As already mentioned, the Feinschmecker Olio-Award test winner set 2022 is ideal as a high-quality gift. Because you can be sure that you are giving away world-class olive oils. On the other hand, you can also optimize your own culinary delicacies with the two winning oils.

Feinschmecker recommends Omed's Picual, for example

  • a Mediterranean potato salad with olives, capers and squid
  • a hearty Spanish leek soup with cod.

The gourmet jury came up with the following recipe suggestions for the Hojiblanca from Rincón de la Subbética:

  • Beef tartare
  • Fruit bread with French blue cheese.

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