Olive Oil Parqueoliva DOP Priego de Córdoba 3 L - Olive oil - Almazaras de la Subbetica

    Olive Oil Parqueoliva DOP Priego de Córdoba 3 L

    Thanks to this extra virgin olive oil, Almazaras de la Subbetica has become one of the best in the world. A magnificent oil for any use.

    Awards of Almazaras de la Subbetica

    CONSEJO OLEÍCOLA INTERNACIONAL MARIO SOLINASSOL D’ORO (ITALY)Ministry of Agriculture, Food and EnvironmentFLOS OLEIDer Feinschmecker Oilio AwardTerraolivoLes médailles Gourmet Paris “Gourmet d’Or”Los Angeles Extra Virgin Olive Oil Competition GoldOlive Japon GoldNEW YORK INTERNATIONAL OLIVE OIL COMPETITIONOlive Oil Award - Zurich - Gold AwardOLIVE D’OR CANADAEcotrama Oro - International extra ecological virgin olive oil competitionEVOOLEUM - World’s TOP 100 Extra Virgin Olive OilsDOP - Denominación de Origen Protegida
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    Parqueoliva: 3 liters of top quality in a canister 

    Eating without fat was yesterday. Because it has long since been found that healthy fat, such as extra virgin olive oil, contains active ingredients that can prevent numerous diseases. For this reason, not only the Spaniards, Italians and Greeks use olive oil in the kitchen every day. Germany, too, is increasingly following the Mediterranean diet. Parqueoliva in a 3-litre canister is ideal for Mediterranean, light meals. Because the balanced coupage can be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen. Both families and small restaurants always have a high-quality, harmonious olive oil at hand with Parqueoliva in a 3-liter canister.

    Almazara de la Subbetica olive oil with DOP certificate

    Parqueoliva, a harmonious coupage

    Composed of the oils of the Picual olive, the Picudo olive and the Hojiblanca, Parqueoliva DOP has a rich bouquet in the economical 3-liter canister, which connoisseurs and olive oil newcomers love for its balance. Known for its typical bitterness, the polyphenol-rich Picual olive is responsible for the pleasant spiciness and interesting sharpness in the finish of the perfectly rounded coupage. Picudo, the typical olive variety from the region, gives the tasty, pure olive juice its pleasant sweetness. And the Hojiblanca, which is also popular as a table olive, gives Parqueoliva a wonderful fruitiness.

    It is not for nothing that the manufacturer declares Almazaras de la Subbética Parqueoliva as a flagship brand that has allowed it to be one of the best oil mills in the world. Because the optimally balanced coupage offers you not only the tempting scent of fresh olives, but also the wonderful aromas of artichokes, herbs and freshly cut grass. You can perceive the bouquet of tart, green apples and a hint of just ripened fruits and vegetables. While the Parqueoliva in the 3-liter canister surprises the tip of the tongue with a slight sweetness at the entrance, its almond-like finish is accompanied by a slight spiciness.

    Parqueoliva DOP bears the DOP Priego de Córdoba seal of approval. The protected designation of origin is only awarded to olive oils whose fruits come exclusively from the region. For you, this means that the olives from which the delicious Parqueoliva is made have matured in the sunny, mountainous area around Priego de Córdoba in Andalusia. Most of them were therefore harvested in laborious manual work. After all, only years of experience from different generations, the loving care in olive cultivation, the conscientious processing of the fruits and the most modern technology in the oil mill bring about such an exquisite olive oil.

    The wonderful olive oils from Almazaras de la Subbética have already been recognized and awarded with the following awards worldwide:

    • Sol d'Oro (Italy)
    • Flos Olei
    • Consejo Oléico international Mario Solinas
    • Best Spanish Extra Virgin Olive Oil from the Spanish Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Environment
    • Gourmet Olio Award
    • Terraolivo
    • Les médailles Gourmet Paris "Gourmet d'Or"
    • Los Angeles extra virgin olive oil competition gold
    • and many more

    Eat healthy every day with Parqueoliva DOP

    Parqueoliva in the high-yield 3-liter canister is perfect for giving yourself and your family a delicious daily health boost. Because anyone who follows the Mediterranean diet knows that the recommended daily amount of high-quality extra virgin olive oil is between 40 and 50 milliliters. Because Parqueoliva is a balanced blend of Picudo, Picual and Hojiblanca olives, it contains the healthy ingredients of all three varieties. For example, while the picual olive is particularly rich in polyphenols, the hojiblanca has a high vitamin E content.

    Because in addition to the variety of aromas, perfectly put together in terms of taste, the high-quality coupage has the further advantage of combining the best qualities of the individual olive varieties in terms of health. With the daily consumption of the recommended amount of high-quality extra virgin olive oil, you not only prevent arteriosclerosis, heart attacks and strokes, but also help regulate your cholesterol levels. They counteract high blood pressure and promote intestinal activity.

    To ensure that all the valuable ingredients and wonderful aromas of Parqueoliva are preserved in the large 3 liter can, you must carefully ensure that the healthy olive juice is stored appropriately.

    • Pour a small amount of healthy olive oil into a dark glass screw-top bottle for everyday use. This will avoid opening the large can too often and exposing the oil to unnecessary oxygenation.
    • Do not leave the bottled Parqueoliva in the bottle or the canister lying around openly. Instead, carefully screw the cap back on after each use.
    • Store the canister in a cool and dark place. The basement is best. Alternatively, place the 3 liter canister in the pantry or in a kitchen base cabinet.
    • Even the glass bottle with a screw cap should not be conveniently placed next to the stove. Because excessive heat also damages the first-class olive oil.

    A top quality oil can be so versatile

    The balanced Parqueoliva DOP not only inspires with its aromatic variety, but can also be used in a variety of ways in the kitchen. Therefore, at every meal you will find an opportunity to put the first-class oil on the table. We recommend Parqueoliva with the following dishes:

    • as a dip with fresh white bread (as a wonderful starter or an aromatic snack)
    • to complement fried or grilled vegetables
    • to round off your delicious pasta dishes
    • for baking white fish
    • for cooking fish in vinegar broth (carp or trout blue)
    • in the dressing for leaf salads and mixed salads
    • in the marinade for seafood salad
    • as an interesting kick in the fruit salad
    • as the icing on the cake with a juicy beef steak
    • for the culinary rounding off of the mixed cheese platter
    • for marinating chicken and turkey meat
    • when grilling tuna

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    3 Litres
    Priego de Córdoba, Province of Córdoba - Andalusia - Spain
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Type of Olive
    100% Blend
    Picudo ,Hojiblanca
    Oil pressing
    Cold presst extra virgin olive oil
    Golden yellow
    Intense fruity
    Aromas penetrant of great intensity with notas verdes.
    Easy entry in the mouth, it has a great balance between bitter and spicy.
    Recommended for raw use. Ideal for cooking any white or blue fish, meat and pasta.
    Ean13 - Referencia
    8423397142009 - 8423397142009
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