Olive Oil Parqueoliva serie Oro 500ml

An oil produced using the best olives and the most modern production techniques available, making for a high quality oil with a strong aroma.

Almazaras de la Subbetica


12,27 €

OriginCarcabuey, Province of Córdoba - Andalusia - Spain
Content500 ml
Type of Olive80% Hojiblanca, 20% Picudo
QualityExtra Virgin Olive Oil
Oil pressingCold presst extra virgin olive oil
FruitinessMedium fruity
AromaA highly intense, fruity aroma. Green banana, apple, tomato, artichoke. Smooth notes of freshly cut herbs and green almonds.
FlavorSweet upon entrance in the mouth, green almonds, with a medium bitterness and heat.
AdvicePerfect for pastas, sauces, carpaccio, fish, meat.

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