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Olive Oil Nobleza del Sur premium Picual 500ml

Olive Oil Nobleza del Sur premium Picual 500ml

This "Pago Oil" is made with selected fruits from centuries-old native olive groves of Finca Vista Alegre. The farm located in the heart of Jaen enjoys a peculiar microclimate that has an influence on its fruits, giving them a differentiating and unique character. Don't hesitate to try this premium centenarium, it will surprise you.

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  • 2022/2023
  • 2023/2024
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500 ml Centenarium Premium olive oil from the first harvest

The Nobleza del Sur family business owns 300 hectares of olive groves spread across different areas of Jaén, in southern Spain. The olives for the high-quality Centenarium Premium from the first harvest are grown on the "Vista Alegre" finca. The finca is located in an area known and loved by tourists for its mild winters and sunny summers. This Mediterranean climate also benefits the olive trees. Because it offers perfect growth opportunities for the trees, so that they can produce juicy fruits.

With a lot of love for the olive tree, with patience and perseverance in caring for them, with the help of traditions handed down, using the latest technologies and through years of experience, the Peñuelas-Sagra family manages to produce an excellent extra virgin olive oil every year. The single-variety Picual olive oil Centenarium Premium is not only well received by the expert jury of the largest olive oil competitions every year, but is also highly valued by consumers.

Nobleza del Sur Olive Oil

What does first harvest mean?

The earlier the olives are picked from the tree, the higher their health value. Because not only does the finished pressed olive oil degrade aromas and valuable ingredients over time, the olive itself also loses flavor and active ingredients the older it gets. Of course, from the first harvest does not mean that the fruits are taken from the tree completely unripe and small. In order to catch the right moment when the olive is just green, just before it turns purple, a great deal of sensitivity and experience is required.

Because the date depends on the location of the olive grove as well as on the olive variety and the climate and is therefore not the same every year. In the case of olive oil from the first harvest, this point in time is precisely timed. This means that with the Centenarium Premium from Nobleza del Sur you are purchasing a high-quality, unique extra virgin olive oil that is rich in polyphenols and important antioxidants. If the picual olive already has a high polyphenol content, the value can be increased during the first harvest.

With a regular consumption of 30 to 50 milliliters a day, this means that you effectively prevent artery blockage and thus heart attack or stroke. You can also positively influence your cholesterol level with the high-quality premium oil. Because the top oil promotes the reduction of bad cholesterol and the increase of good cholesterol. It supports your precautions against high blood pressure and stimulates bowel movements.

Centenarium Premium with award-winning bouquet

Centenarium Premium is an excellent extra virgin olive oil that has made a name for itself both nationally and internationally. It takes part in many olive oil competitions every year and can always look forward to numerous prizes and awards:

  • Third place at the Feinschmecker Olio Award
  • Gold medal at Olive Japan
  • Gold Medal at NYIOOC New York
  • Award at Expoliva
  • Awarded by Marius Solinas - International Olive Oil Council
  • Award at AVPA Paris
  • Gold medal in the Monocultivar Olive Oil
  • Among the top 100 of Evooleum
  • Silver medal at the Leone d'Oro Monovarietal Spain
  • and many more.

You're probably wondering why Nobleza del Sur's Centenarium Premium has received so many awards. You can easily find out. Order a bottle of this unique olive oil and you will be surprised by the wonderful scent as soon as you open it. You can smell the clean, fresh olives. You will smell aromatic herbs. And you can perceive nuances of olive leaves, wheatgrass, lavender and tomato.

In addition, the high-class Centenarium Premium welcomes you with a wonderfully fruity scent of green bananas, apples and green almonds. All in all, the bouquet of this extraordinary premium oil puts your nose directly in the olive grove of the finca "Vista Alegre" with all its wild herbs and fruits. Once you have inhaled the unique aroma composition, dare to take a sip!

Let the delicate, green oil slowly slide over your lips and enjoy the gentle entry of the top oil on the tip of your tongue. Once in the mouth, the balanced extra virgin olive oil unfolds a light, typical bitterness and an aromatic spiciness. It comes off with a slight spiciness and its aroma stays in the mouth and throat for a while even after swallowing.

Cook deliciously with Centenarium Premium

Of course you want to keep the wonderful aromas and the high health value of the excellent Centenarium Premium from Nobleza del Sur for as long as possible. Therefore, make sure you store it properly and protect the olive oil from heat, oxygen and light:

  1. Never leave the bottle open, always close it tightly with its screw cap.
  2. Do not pour the high-quality olive oil into a transparent container, but leave it in the original bottle.
  3. Keep the olive oil bottle cool, but not in the fridge. We recommend the pantry or a kitchen base cabinet.

By the way: We recommend the aromatic premium oil for all types of meat dishes. Whether grilled, roasted or boiled, the exquisite olive oil harmoniously rounds off your meat dish. A sauce with seafood or fish can also be wonderfully refined with the spicy extra virgin olive oil. The top oil goes perfectly with Italian pasta dishes or pizza. It completes the cheese platter for dessert and adds the finishing touch to a chocolate parfait with salt flakes.

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500 ml
Castellar, Province of Jaén - Andalusia - Spain
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Type of Olive
100% Picual
Organic farming
Oil pressing
Cold presst extra virgin olive oil
Olive green
Intense fruity
Es zeichnet sich durch ein sofortiges Gefühl von großer aromatischer Intensität mit sauberen und frischen Düften aus. Hervorzuheben sind krautige Noten wie Olivenblatt, Lavendel, Tomate und fruchtige Noten wie grüner Apfel, grüne Mandel und Banane.
On the palate it is very balanced. It has a smooth entry that turns into a slightly bitter and spicy. Its persistence on the palate is delicate.
Machine readed by vibration process with collection screen and vereo.
Ideal for raw use. Mérida to perfection with a multitude of dishes. All kinds of meat, fish and shellfish, sauces, semi-hard and hard cheeses, desserts, ice cream...
Ean13 - Referencia
8437011635464 - 8437011635464
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