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    Organic Olive Oil Alhema de Queiles 3...
    Organic Olive Oil Alhema de Queiles 3...
    Organic Olive Oil Alhema de Queiles 3...
    Organic Olive Oil Alhema de Queiles 3...
    Organic Olive Oil Alhema de Queiles 3...

    Organic Olive Oil Alhema de Queiles 3 Liter Canister

    Whether to enhance a cold soup, to flavor roasted vegetables or to season a healthy salad, Alhema de Queiles can be incorporated into a healthy and tasty kitchen several times a day.

    • 1 can
    • Box of 6 cans
    • 2023/2024
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    Alhema de Queiles, organic olive oil in a 3-liter bottle

    It is not in vain that olive oil is nicknamed green gold. However, Alhema de Queiles delights with its green aroma rather than its green color. Fresh and almost floral, the wonderful aromas of the golden yellow organic oil reach the nose of the connoisseur. The spicy extra virgin olive oil convinces all olive oil connoisseurs and also tastes good to laymen who are not afraid of bitter and fresh aromas.

    This wonderful organic olive oil has its origins in the Hacienda Queiles, which is located in a quiet valley in the south of Navarra. Surrounded by high mountains and crossed by the Queiles River, the fruits of the olive tree can thrive optimally despite the extreme temperatures in summer and winter. And since the Hacienda Queiles team puts a lot of passion into their work every year, the incomparable Alhema de Queiles coupage is created every year.

    Alhema de Queiles bottled economically

    Alhema de Queiles in a practical 3-liter container not only offers you unique flavors and maximum quality, but also an economical filling quantity for frequent consumers. On the one hand, large consumers are restaurants with good cuisine that value serving their customers not only tasty but also healthy food.

    But even small families of three or four people can use the 3-liter bottle in a reasonable period of time without the high-quality coupage losing any of its quality or aroma. Especially if you follow the popular Mediterranean diet in a health-conscious way, you need at least 30 milliliters of high-quality extra virgin olive oil per person per day. What better to include in your diet than the delicious Alhema de Queiles, which in addition to its valuable ingredients, also impresses with its fresh and spicy flavor.

    Particularly price-conscious consumers who also pay attention to quality cannot ignore the exquisite organically grown blend. And do the math:

    30 milliliters per head means 90 ml per day for a family of 3 people, that is, 2.7 milliliters per month. The inexpensive bottle with valuable organic extra virgin oil will run out after just over a month. You see: although olive oil is often called liquid gold, its price does not increase excessively, especially in large quantities. Even if you are only responsible for feeding a small family, do not hesitate to get the organic Alhema de Queiles in a 3-liter container. You will hardly be able to find a more economical way to feed your loved ones with delicious and healthy foods.

    An organic olive oil with the highest awards

    Hacienda Queiles participates every year in the main olive oil competitions in the world. There are two reasons for this:

    • Of course, the manufacturer wants to recognize and reward itself with a prize for all the effort put into the cultivation and production of pure olive juice.
    • But it also wants to give you, as a consumer, an indication of the quality of Alhema de Queiles before you buy it.

    Both are successful every year, because the exclusive extra virgin organic olive oil is popular all over the world and always takes the top spots with its wonderful aromas and top quality.

    In order to be able to enjoy the wonderful bouquet for a long time and at the same time make a valuable contribution to your own health and the well-being of your loved ones, you must properly preserve the exquisite coupage:

    • Protect the valuable organically grown olive oil from light and pour it into a dark glass bottle for use.
    • Protect the excellent Alhema de Queiles from the oxygen supply and close both the jar and the dark glass bottle immediately after each use.
    • Protect the premium blend from heat and store the container in a cool place, such as the pantry or lower kitchen cabinet. You should also store the dark glass bottle on a low cabinet in the kitchen. Placing them by hand next to the fire will make the flavors and healthy ingredients of Alhema de Queiles fade quickly.

    This is how we use the wonderful olive oil from Navarra

    Every year, when we open the first bottle of Alhema de Queiles from the new harvest, we are delighted with the wonderful fresh aroma of the excellent olive oil. We keep our nose directly over the open bottle and breathe deeply.

    In addition to the incomparable aroma of fresh olives and olive leaves, aromas of freshly cut green pepper, freshly ground pepper, green banana and almonds fill our noses. The wonderful bouquet is completed with the aroma of ripe tomatoes, artichokes and a light note of cinnamon.

    If we then take a sip of the golden yellow oil between our lips, we are surprised by its smooth consistency. In the mouth we can taste sweet flavors as well as spicy, spicy and slightly bitter ones.

    Then we tried the exclusive organic olive oil with homemade white bread. Sprinkled directly on fresh bread, Alhema de Queiles tastes so delicious that we also like to offer it to guests this way as an appetizer or as a small snack in between. We also refine both leaf salads and mixed salads with an excellent blend. We give the baked fish or grilled vegetables the final touch with a few drops of excellent organic extra virgin olive oil. And we put the icing on the cake with Alhema de Queiles.

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    3 Litres
    Monteagudo, Navarra - Northern Spain
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Type of Olive
    100% Blend
    Organic farming
    Arróniz & Arbequina
    Golden yellow
    Ean13 - Referencia
    8437002570231 - 8437002570231
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