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    Sherry Vinegar D.O. Organic Soler Romero 250 ml

    Sherry Vinegar D.O. Organic Soler Romero

    This vinegar is one of the first organic Sherry vinegars on the market. The winery has 600 oak barrels, something exclusive in the sector that allows unique vinegars to be obtained. The proof of this is that this vinegar is protected by the Denomination of Origin "Vinagre de Jerez".

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    Soler Romero organic sherry vinegar D.O.P.

    Vinegar is not only a jack of all trades in the kitchen and bathroom, but has even found its way into the kitchens of star chefs as an exquisite specialty. While the sweet and sour balsamic vinegar originally comes from Italy, sherry vinegar is a Spanish delicacy , which refines gourmet dishes with its tart flavor. Soler Romero Vinagre de Jerez D.O.P. is a particularly exclusive and high-quality sherry vinegar with a protected designation of origin.

    Like all fruits, the sherry grapes that form the basis of Soler Romero's high-quality vinegar are organically grown. Therefore, the sherry vinegar from Jaén is not only an aromatic delicacy, but also a healthy, pollution-free food with which you can enrich your kitchen in every respect. And if you are looking for a first-class, unconventional gift for a dear friend that does not belong in the usual red wine range, you are also spot on with the ecological sherry vinegar from Soler Romero. After all, a tasty, high-quality and healthy gift is the best way to show your appreciation.

    Soler Romero gourmet vinegar with D.O.P.

    The high-quality sherry vinegar from Jaén is a purely natural product. Only the exclusive Palomino fino grapes, which are organically grown and fermented into sherry wine, serve as the starting ingredient. Through natural processes, the spicy sherry ferments into an equally aromatic sherry vinegar. Decanted and filtered, the vinegar obtained is then stored for at least two years in oak barrels, which provide it with an additional, extravagant aroma.

    Only after this maturing period is the high-quality vinegar from Soler Romero filled into dark, slim glass bottles and sent to the consumer. The golden-yellow vinegar is not only reminiscent of the sun-kissed climate of Andalusia in terms of its color, but also has unparalleled aromas that only develop under the sun of southern Spain. Therefore, the Soler Romero Vinagre de Jerez DOP is a very special treat.

    The DOP seal underlines the unique quality of Soler Romero's gourmet vinegar. Because the protected designation of origin makes it clear that not only the high-quality grape variety is responsible for the inimitable bouquet of the sherry vinegar, but also the incomparable climate in which the grapes thrive so well. If a sherry vinegar is already characterized by its special quality, the Soler Romero Vinagre de Jerez DOP is even more exclusive and high-class.

    Why Sherry Vinegar?

    Sherry vinegar is not just a seasoning liquid that adds a little acidity to make the salad dressing fresher and juicier. With its exclusive bouquet, a high-quality Vinagre de Jerez puts an aromatic cherry on top of your dishes. Because just as an exquisite sherry differs from white wine by its full-bodiedness and spiciness, sherry vinegar also has much more to offer than conventional wine vinegar.

    It's not just the acidity of the Spanish specialty, at seven percent, that's slightly above the norm for wine vinegar. Its additional aromas, which result from its long storage in oak barrels, also contribute to an incomparable treat for the palate. With light notes of wood and the aroma of a mature wine, the Soler Romero Sherry Vinegar fascinates with a slightly more intense but balanced taste. Even after swallowing, the extravagant taste experience remains in the mouth for a while.

    Like any vinegar, the exclusive gourmet vinegar from Jaén has a shelf life of several years and therefore does not have a best-before date. However, so that you can still enjoy the wonderful aromas of the vinegar after such a long time, you have to store it properly:

    • Because the influence of light damages the exquisite bouquet of sherry vinegar, the manufacturer fills it in a dark glass bottle. Don't pour it into a clear glass carafe!
    • Even if you find it convenient, you should not keep the high-quality vinegar near the stove. Because the strong heat also causes flavors to be lost. Store it in the pantry or a kitchen base cabinet. Storage in the refrigerator is not necessary.
    • To prevent the gourmet vinegar from spoiling, you should never leave the vinegar bottle open. Because both the ingress of oxygen and the infestation of fruit flies can lead to the formation of mould.

    An exquisite vinegar for exquisite delicacies

    Of course, Soler Romero's Vinagre de Jerez is not a condiment you use every day in the kitchen. The unique treat for the palate is reserved for special occasions and is suitable for the following dishes that you would like to add an extravagant touch to:

    • for the salad dressing of a leafy salad with a strong taste, such as rocket or radicchio,
    • as a finish on the cheese platter over strong soft cheese,
    • as an extravagant touch in sauerbraten,
    • as the icing on the cake in the home-made matjes salad,
    • to complement a tapa with marinated mussels,
    • for an interesting finishing touch to an oriental rice salad,
    • or to refine a Spanish tapa made from chorizo and mushrooms.
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    250 ml
    Alcaudete, Province of Jaén - Andalusia - Spain
    Organic farming
    Palomino Fino grapes
    Minimum 2 years
    Tasting Notes:
    Great richness of aroma, notes of oak and old wine can be appreciated. On the palate it is of medium intensity and very balanced. It is soft and with a persistent finish.
    This sherry vinegar is perfect for any Mediterranean diet recipe. It is special for any use, pasta, vegetables, meat and stews, appetizers and salads, fish and seafood or for any dessert and ice cream.
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    The best vinegar i taste of Spain

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