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Organic Olive Oil Deortegas Arbequina 500 ml
Organic Olive Oil Deortegas Arbequina...
Organic Olive Oil Deortegas Arbequina...
Organic Olive Oil Deortegas Arbequina...
Organic Olive Oil Deortegas Arbequina...
Organic Olive Oil Deortegas Arbequina...
Organic Olive Oil Deortegas Arbequina 500 ml

Organic Olive Oil Deortegas Arbequina 500 ml

The pure Arbequina olive oil from organic cultivation by Deortegas Olive oil experts as well as olive oil novices.

  • 1 bottle
  • Box with 6 bottles
  • 2023/2024
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The Deortegas Arbequina organic olive oil in the 500 ml bottle

Arbequina Organic Olive Oil by Deortegas is made with the utmost respect for the environment. Because the family business pays attention to both first-class quality and controlled organic cultivation. Therefore, you can enjoy the intensely golden extra virgin olive oil to the fullest. And the excellent premium oil is always a treat. Mild, balanced and fruity, it inspires olive oil connoisseurs as well as newcomers. Winner of numerous awards, the mild olive oil naturally also impresses national and international experts.

The wonderful organic oil is suitable for refining numerous dishes, but also spoils you raw, as a dip for fresh white bread with its fresh and fruity aromas. In the dark, chic glass bottle, the mild premium oil is not only perfect for storing, but also for serving.

There is so much health in a small olive

At just two centimeters in size and weighing just under two grams, the Arbequina olive is one of the smallest olive varieties in Spain. But this fact should not be underestimated. Because small but fine, the Arbequina not only offers a considerable oil yield, but can also come up with wonderful fruit aromas and many healthy ingredients.

You can smell the scent of fresh olives, green apples and bananas as soon as you open a bottle of Arbequina olive oil. Arbequina oil owes its mild, often slightly sweet taste to a slightly lower polyphenol content. Instead, the fruity extra virgin olive oil scores with a large number of unsaturated fatty acids. Unsaturated fatty acids are very important for a healthy diet because the body cannot produce them itself.

Cold-pressed olive oil from the Arbequina olive is considered anti-inflammatory. It is said to support the prevention of various types of cancer and to help improve cholesterol levels. And don't forget that its pleasantly mild taste is not only popular with olive oil connoisseurs, but is often even well received by children.

The Deortegas Arbequina oil inspires with fruity aromas

Because of its top quality, the organic Arbequina olive oil from Deortegas was already available in 2009 , 2010 and 2012 in the list of the top ten at BIOFACH in Nuremberg. The excellent oil has also found its way into the world-famous olive oil guide from Italy, the FLOS OLEI. It was featured in Feinschmecker, won the gold medal at GRATE TASTE in the UK in 2012 and to date has also won the silver medal at ECOTRAMA in Córdoba, the gold medal at OLIVINUS in Argentina, the silver medal at EXTRA VIRGEN OLIVE OIL COMPETITION in Los Angeles and the Gold Medal of the SINGAPORE COMPETITION.

Would you like to know why the high-quality organic olive oil in the olive oil industry connoisseur is so popular? Then, open a bottle, pour a small sip of Deortegas Arbequina oil into a wide glass. Wave the glass under your nose and take a deep breath! The wonderfully fresh scent of green apple, banana, tomato and green almond immediately hits you. If you keep your nose over the glass, you will sniff out more and more fruit aromas with every further breath.

Now you should dare. Take a small sip of Deortegas Arbequina oil between your lips. Let yourself be enchanted by the soft texture of the golden colored organic oil. In the mouth, the gourmet olive oil impresses with its balance and fruity freshness. Not too sweet, not too tart, just a little bit bitter and with just a tiny touch of spiciness, it's the perfect oil to eat raw.

Fresh mildness to enjoy raw

However, if you store the bottle of Deortegas Arbequina Olive Oil improperly, all the wonderful aromas will evaporate after a short time. Therefore, when storing it, make sure that neither oxygen, heat nor light can get to the exquisite oil.

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500 ml
Yecla, Province of Murcia - Spain
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Type of Olive
100% Arbequina
Organic farming
Oil pressing
Cold presst extra virgin olive oil
Ean13 - Referencia
8436530680016 - 8436530680016
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