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Organic Olive Oil Nobleza del Sur Day and Night 500 ml - Olive oil - Nobleza del Sur

Organic Olive Oil Nobleza del Sur Day and Night 500 ml

As a gift or for personal use, with the top set Eco-Day and -Night from Nobleza del Sur you are correct. Refine your food with an organic oil!

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Olive oil Nobleza del Sur Eco-Day and Eco-Night in a set

Kill two birds with one stone with the Nobleza del Sur double pack, consisting of 500 milliliters of Ecológico Day and 500 milliliters of Ecológico Night! They use the harmonious, light Eco-Night for every day and refine special dishes with the spicy Eco-Day. In this way you can enjoy an organic, high-quality extra virgin olive oil every day and at the same time do something good for your health.

Both oils are Nobleza del Sur organic olive oils, produced in Jaén, southern Spain. While Ecológico Day is a single-variety Picual oil, the olives from which come from the Finca "Vista Alegre", Ecológico Night is composed of different types of olives. In order to obtain such a balanced, high-quality olive oil, the fruit is selected from special plots in the Nobleza del Sur olive groves. Because both oils in the set appeal to every taste bud in your mouth, both olive oil connoisseurs and olive oil newcomers get their money's worth.

Nobleza del Sur Day and Night

Organic olive oil, because I care about you

Of course, the two-pack is also ideal as a gift for a dear friend. After all, there is nothing nicer than giving a tasty and healthy present to the people you love and care about. If giving away healthy extra virgin olive oil is a good idea, the high-quality, organic olive oil from Nobleza del Sur is sure to be a hit.

Because the two organic oils Ecológico Day and Ecológico Night not only contain all the healthy nutrients that you want to give away with first-class olive oil, they are also free of harmful substances. And the fact that organic olive oil does not have to be inferior to conventional olive oil in terms of taste is proven by the numerous national and international awards that Nobleza del Sur has already received for the two eco-oils:

  • Best organic extra virgin olive oil
  • BIOL: Extra Gold Medal
  • Leone d'Oro Finalist Organic International
  • NYIOOC Gold Award
  • Gold Award Olive Japan
  • EVOOLEUM Packaging Awards Bronze Medal

Two oils that complement each other perfectly

Are you always happy when a fresh delivery of olive oil arrives? With your nose over the bottle and inhaling deeply, the high-quality extra virgin olive oil seems to be bringing the Spanish sun straight home. Because both the balanced Eco-Night and the spicy Eco-Day will transport you to an Andalusian olive forest when you sniff the bottle.

The aromatic Ecológico Day smells wonderfully green like a freshly mown meadow. You can smell the wild herbs that cover the ground between the olive trees. You will perceive the fruity-fresh aroma of green apples and banana peels and recognize the scent of green leaves.

Try a sip and the spicy oil begins gently on the tip of your tongue. It unfolds its full aroma in the mouth, turns into the typical, slight bitterness and leaves a slight spiciness in the throat when swallowing.

With the exclusive two-pack you can start your own personal, small olive oil tasting. If you open the second bottle, you will be surprised by the slightly milder scent of Ecológico Night. You can also see the fresh olives and green herbs of the olive grove in this unique organic olive oil. You can smell apples and discover the fruity aroma of bananas.

Take a small sip of the balanced oil between your lips, gently gliding onto the tip of your tongue to arrive with a pleasant sweetness. Only a tiny bit of bitterness can be felt inside the mouth, which is hardly noticeable with the harmonious extra virgin olive oil.

So that neither the wonderful bouquet nor the healthy nutrients are lost too quickly, you should protect the two organic olive oils from the effects of light, oxygen and heat. Therefore, always keep the bottles tightly closed and keep the olive oil set in the cool pantry or in a kitchen base cabinet.

Use Eco-Day and Eco-Night

If you are looking for a high-class extra virgin olive oil, with which both meat and fish dishes can be pleasantly rounded off, with which you can refine pasta and pizza and which complements your grilled vegetables juicy, you are right with the balanced Eco-Night from an early harvest spot on. But also raw in any kind of salad marinade, as a basis for homemade cold sauces or simply to dip with freshly baked white bread, the high-quality premium oil makes delicious dishes that little bit more delicious.

The slightly tart, green Picual Ecológico Day olive oil is perfect for making sophisticated dishes that little bit more exciting. Give a hearty potato salad the last kick with the ecological olive oil. Give a juicy beef steak the finishing touch with the aromatic Eco-Day and make the homemade chocolate ice cream even more interesting with the slightly bitter flavor of the unique olive oil.

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2 X 500 ml
Castellar, Province of Jaén - Andalusia - Spain
Ean13 - Referencia
- PACK-0194 COSECHA-23/24
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