Olive Oil Venta del Barón 500 ml
    Olive Oil Venta del Barón 500 ml
    Olive Oil Venta del Barón 500 ml
    Olive Oil Venta del Barón 500 ml

    Olive Oil Venta del Barón 500 ml

    Treat yourself or your loved ones to the best olive oil in the world! Venta del Barón olive oil with the DOP certificate Priego de Córdoba - healthy treat!

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    • 2023/2024
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    Venta del Barón olive oil 500 ml bottle with gift box

    The high-quality Venta del Barón olive oil comes from sun-kissed Andalusia. Made from the two olive varieties Hojiblanca and Picudo, the very aromatic oil inspires both olive oil connoisseurs and laypeople with its excellent variety of tastes. The unique extra virgin olive oil carries the certification DOP (Denominación de origen protegida) Priego de Córdoba.

    It is made exclusively from the olives of the first harvest and is therefore only available in a limited edition. Although or precisely because the Venta del Barón olive oil comes from a family business, the principle applies: quality comes before quantity. And because only the best and freshest olives are processed under first-class conditions, you can look forward to a top-quality extra virgin olive oil from Venta del Barón that is second to none.

    Venta del Baron olive oil one of the best in the world

    Given with love: Venta del Barón olive oil

    Of course, only the best is good enough for your loved ones. Venta del Barón olive oil meets this requirement in every respect. From the attractive presentation, to the healthy ingredients, to the unique taste, the exclusive olive oil coupage inspires olive oil experts as well as laypeople.

    For a feast for the eyes, you will not only receive the high-quality extra virgin olive oil in a tastefully designed 0.5 liter bottle, but also in a chic, gray box with a stylish, discreet design. The DOP seal in yellow and red guarantees you that your Venta del Barón olive oil was made exclusively from olives from the Priego de Córdoba region.

    Due to the exclusive production method, neither heat nor water has to be added in the manufacturing process, so that all the wonderful aromas and healthy ingredients of the fresh, green olive are contained in the Venta del Barón olive oil. The high-quality olive juice is therefore often used in the Mediterranean diet.

    In terms of taste, the top-class olive oil coupage is so popular that it is even used by top chefs in world-famous restaurants. The Venta del Barón olive oil is highly valued in the preparation of dishes both in the Hotel Waldorf Astoria and in the noble restaurant Alain Ducasse. After all, it can shine with more than 100 awards from 16 countries on five continents.

    To name just the three most important:

    • International Olive Council award as the best oil in the world
    • Honored by the Ministry of Agriculture as the best extra virgin olive oil in Spain
    • #1 World's Best Olive Oils

    Taste the Venta del Barón olive oil

    Open your nostrils as wide as you can and tip your tongue to absorb the incomparable variety of aromas of Venta del Barón olive oil with all its subtleties! Just a small amount of the aromatic oil poured into a wide glass is enough to transport you to sunny Spain.

    If you hold your nose close to the glass, you can perceive the wonderful scent of intensely fruity, fresh, green olives. A hint of green herbs, such as fresh mint, spreads and local fruits, such as apples and almonds, can be sniffed. You can smell exotic green bananas and are reminded of Italian vegetables like tomatoes and artichokes.

    If you let the first drop of the excellent olive oil pass your lips, a surprising sweetness will appear on the tip of your tongue. In the mouth, the extravagant taste is replaced by the typical, slight bitterness of fresh olives. And in the finish you can expect a spicy, minimal spiciness with a delicate almond aroma.

    The multiple award-winning Venta del Barón olive oil not only fascinates the trained nose of a specialist jury, but also delights the palate of the consumer. Because the complex, aromatic oil also scores with its harmonious balance.

    For your top cuisine: Venta del Barón olive oil

    From morning to evening, there is always an opportunity to use the aromatic, premium Venta del Barón olive oil in the healthy and tasty Mediterranean cuisine. Whether for a rural breakfast with rustic farmhouse bread or for a healthy fruit salad in the morning, the fruity, creamy olive juice gives the first meal of the day an extravagant touch.

    Venta del Baron olive oil one of the best in the world

    Drizzled over the starter platter at lunch or when grilling together to refine vegetables and round off meat and fish, the balanced, intensely fruity extra virgin olive oil gives your dishes an additional, fresh aroma. And in the evening, too, the gourmet oil from Venta del Barón complements every salad harmoniously and at the same time uniquely.

    Gourmet oil should not be missing on special occasions, such as large family celebrations, a delicious dinner for two or an exclusive business meal that you want to prepare yourself. The fresh Venta del Barón olive oil puts the icing on the cake even for a particularly exquisite delicacy.

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    500 ml
    Priego de Córdoba, Province of Córdoba - Andalusia - Spain
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Type of Olive
    100% Blend
    Organic farming
    75% Hojiblanca, 25%Picudo
    Oil pressing
    Cold presst extra virgin olive oil
    Intense fruity
    Highly intense aromas of green olives with notes of freshly cut green grass, mint, banana and apple. Memories of vegetables such as artichokes and tomatoes.
    Light and sweet on the palate that gradually becomes bitter and spicy as it progresses. Almond aftertaste. Very complex and balanced oil in aromas and flavors.
    Machine readed by vibration process with collection screen and vereo.
    The perfect complement for any breakfast with toasted bread, salads and any dish that you want to give a unique and special touch.
    Ean13 - Referencia
    8411342001235 - 8411342001235
    1 Reviews

    Simplemente el mejor
    Para mi gusto el mejor aceite de oliva virgen extra que he probado en mi vida. Recomendable 100%

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