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    Organic Olive Oil Nobleza del Sur early harvest Day picual 500ml

    Organic Olive Oil Nobleza del Sur early harvest Day picual 500ml

    As early as October, the olives for the fresh Ecológico Day from Nobleza del Sur harvested. A green organic oil that you should definitely try.

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    • 2023/2024
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    0.5 l Ecológico Day, a top early harvest oil

    Both amateurs and olive oil connoisseurs love it: Ecológico Day from Nobleza del Sur, the organic olive oil with the bee on the olive oil bottle. The family business Nobleza del Sur has chosen the bee to represent its high-quality, organic extra virgin olive oil because it is threatened with extinction. The manufacturer would like to draw attention to how pesticides destroy the environment and thus the habitat of humans and animals.

    After all, the bee is an important diurnal pollinator whose eradication would cause considerable damage to our ecosystem. For this reason too, the olives for the Eco-Day organic oil are grown without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. The olive trees and their fruits thrive in a Mediterranean climate in specially selected plots of land on the “Vista Alegre” finca in Jaén. The hot sun of Andalusia provides the necessary warmth and a nearby river provides sufficient moisture.

    Olive oil from Nobleza del Sur from Spain

    Ecológico Day - health that tastes good

    The olives whose pure juice is bottled to give the high-quality Eco-Day come from an early harvest. That is, they are taken from the tree when they are far from mature, but their green color is just beginning to turn purple. At this point, the fruit has less juice, which means a lower oil yield. But they contain a particularly large amount of healthy active ingredients.

    If single-variety Picual olive oil is already rich in polyphenols, the Ecológico Day of < a href="">Nobleza del Sur due to the early harvest an even larger proportion. For you as a consumer, this means that this olive oil is ideal for preventing arterial blockage, heart attack or stroke. In addition, the high-quality organic oil offers you a large amount of antioxidants, which play an important role in regulating cholesterol levels.

    The exclusive organic oil is said to help reduce bad cholesterol and increase good cholesterol. Regular, daily consumption of around 50 milliliters of high-quality, extra virgin olive oil should also have a positive effect on the little gray matter. And don't forget: Ecológico Day is not a bitter medicine, but an aromatic, green, delicious olive oil.

    Because it is grown organically, you can access this oil without hesitation. On the one hand, when you buy organic olive oil, you are promoting organic farming and thus environmental protection at the same time. On the other hand, there is probably no vegetable oil that supports your health better. Because the high-class Eco-Day not only offers many nutrients, but also guarantees that there are no harmful substances in the pure, green plant juice.

    This is how a top-quality oil stays fresh for a long time

    Unfortunately, neither the healthy ingredients nor the wonderful aromas are kept in your Extra virgin olive oil< /strong> if you don't store it properly. Therefore, heed the following advice:

    • Never leave the olive oil bottle lying around open, because the supply of oxygen leads to oxidation and makes the olive oil spoil more quickly.
    • Heat also has a negative effect on the aromas and nutrients of the top ecological oil. Therefore, do not place the bottle with the unique Ecológico Day within reach next to the stove. However, the pantry, the cellar or a kitchen base cabinet are perfect for storing the organic oil.
    • There is also a reason why the valuable extra virgin olive oil is delivered to you in a dark bottle, because light also damages the nutrients. For this reason, you should leave the green oil in its original bottle and not pour it into a transparent, pretty glass carafe.

    But if you store the unique organic olive oil correctly, you won't regret it. As soon as you open the bottle, you are greeted by the scent of fresh olives. You can smell freshly cut grass, tart herbs and green leaves and be surprised with fruity notes of banana peels and apples.

    The light extra virgin olive oil also inspires in the mouth with its fresh, tart note. It develops a slight but typical bitterness and ends with a pleasant sharpness. Purity, freshness and flavor characterize the popular Ecológico Day from Nobleza del Sur.

    Nobleza del Sur Day

    The harmonious organic olive oil Ecológico Day goes well with this

    Have you held your nose close to the freshly opened bottle and inhaled the wonderful scent of the aromatic oil? Then you can certainly understand that Eco-Day has already received several national and international awards.

    For several years now, Nobleza del Sur organic olive oils have received the BIOL Extra Gold Medal. The finca was voted best green farm in Flos Olei. At the Leone d'Oro, Eco-Day was among the finalists for the best organic extra virgin olive oil and at the NYIOOC it also managed to win a gold medal.

    Of course, the excellent top quality oil is also suitable for home use. Refine the crispy roast as well as the hearty grilled steak with the aromatic Eco-Day from Nobleza del Sur. Drizzle grilled seafood or baked fish with the flavorful organic oil or use it for a matching sauce.

    The multi-award-winning extra virgin olive oil gives your pasta dishes the finishing touch and is the icing on the cake with the cheese platter. Even a chocolate parfait for dessert can be unique olive oil refined by a nuance.

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    500 ml
    Castellar, Province of Jaén - Andalusia - Spain
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Type of Olive
    100% Picual
    Organic farming
    Oil pressing
    Cold presst extra virgin olive oil
    Polyphenol content
    361 mg Ac.cafeico/kg
    Intense fruity
    Aroma of great intensity, intense herbaceous and fruity notes such as apple or banana are perceived.
    In the mouth it is very balanced with a marked green profile. It is fresh with a slight spiciness and bitterness.
    Machine readed by vibration process with collection screen and vereo.
    Idéal pour une utilisation en cru. Parfait avec tout type de préparation et plats de viande, poissons et fruits de mer, pâtes, fromages à pâte mi-dure et dure.
    Ean13 - Referencia
    8437011635266 - 8437011635266
    2 Reviews

    Sehr fein!
    Das erste Mal, dass ich dieses unglaublich gute Öl bestellt habe, und mit Sicherheit nicht das letzte Mal. Die Produktbeschreibung triffst hier total. Bei meiner nächsten Bestellung wieder mit dabei.

    Einfach ein leckres Olivenöl das meine Erwartungen bestens erfühlt, werde ich immer wieder Bestellen.

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