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Organic Olive Oil Finca la Torre...

Organic Olive Oil Finca la Torre Selección Hojiblanca + Arbequina 500ml

Enjoy the fruity, intense Hojiblanca olive oil and the medium-fruity Arbequina olive oil from organic farming in our tasting set from Finca la Torre!

Awards of Finca la Torre

CONSEJO OLEÍCOLA INTERNACIONAL MARIO SOLINASSOL D’ORO (ITALY)Ministry of Agriculture, Food and EnvironmentFLOS OLEI 100/100Olive Japon GoldNEW YORK INTERNATIONAL OLIVE OIL COMPETITIONOlive Oil Award - Zurich - Gold AwardBiol PrizeEcotrama Oro - International extra ecological virgin olive oil competitionSabor de Malaga
2 X 500 ml
Bobadilla, Province of Málaga - Andalusia - Spain
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Organic farming
Biodynamic (Demeter)
Ean13 - Referencia
- 8437011958020 + 8437011958061

Olive oil Finca la Torre

Finca la Torre is an indigenous industry of the lively Antequera city of Spain. It is situated among the vast fields of olive groves, pine tress and hill ranges which are spread on the area of 376ha. This extraordinary location makes Finca la Torre a perfect place for the production of organic olive oil and many other amazing olive oil types. 

Finca la Torre Olive Mill

The perfectly scheduled sunsets and sunrises, weather patterns, winds and rainfalls adds something unique to this place whose reflection can be clearly observed in the fruits of this area.

About their Olive Fields

Olive tree growing and olive oil production is not that much tough if organic and natural guidelines for cultivation are followed. If the growth of soil and tree is optimum then the trees will produce large amounts of oleiferous aromatic fruits rich in taste and nutrients and this is what the Finca la Torre is doing. The fascinating environment of the Finca la Torre is the reason behind their high quality production.

They have adopted extensive expertise like optimal pruning, fertilization with natural compost, targeted irrigation and skillful pest control that does not damage the natural chemistry of the soil and trees. Continual research on fauna and flora helps them to actively control the bactrocera oleae (fruit fly).

Finca la Torre has 48,508 new and 8900 old olive trees along with 3 natural wells. The irrigation method of the entire field is totally automatic with the reservoir capacity of 106000m. Drip irrigation ensures that each and every plant and tree is getting enough water for optimum growth.

For olive oil extraction continuous 2 phase cold extraction method is adopted. The mill capacity is 3.000- 5.000 kg/h with a stock capacity of 400 tons. Thus, their each and every step is according to international standards to ensure that the process ‘from farm to fork’ is natural, rich with nutrients and not disturbed by any type of adulteration.

Production of Olive Oil

Olive trees of Fina la Torre

Now, let’s talk about the Finca la Torre’s olive oil production by indulging deeply in the entire process:


Harvesting methods depend upon the location, cultivation and the maturity of the fruit. At Finca la Torre many different methods are under practice like hand picking and vibration machines. Their main focus is on the fruit and to protect it from the damage.

After harvesting olive fruits are sent to the mills in ventilated containers, weighing max 200 kg, as soon as possible to prevent the fruit deterioration.


Mills are installed in the center of the entire field setup to respond quickly to the fruit arrival. These mills have a capacity of 3 to 5 tons/ hour to crop the yield. Advanced technology and international hygiene standards ensure that the olive oil production is extraordinary, of the highest quality and is sticking with the tradition.


Nine new CrNi tanks are installed on the Finca la Torre plant that has recently increased the storage capacity to 400 tons. Automatic N2, inert gas system ensures the proper storage of the olive oil. Refrigerated system is also installed and the storage tanks have the option to fill the bottles and tin cans.

Cellars have such body structures that allow the olive oil to complete its stay time without triggering any unwanted process in its chemical structure.

Characteristics of the Olive Oil Finca la Torre

Finca la Torre is well known for its different and lush flavor varieties. Basically, its products are divided under the category of four olive tree types. These are mentioned below:

  1. Hojiblanca

This variety has a balanced physical and chemical profile in comparison to the other 3 types. Hojiblanca has the lowest amount of saturated fatty acids with oleic acid 73.6% and stability of 51.8 h. As its stability is not high it is prone to oxidation.

Under its organoleptic characters, you will observe a wide range of flavors like sweet, fresh grassy aroma, slight bitter taste similar to fruit cocktail, a peppery sensation and almondy taste at the end. It is ideal for dietary purposes.

  1. Arbequina

The aroma of Arbequina is similar to fresh artichokes as this field has traces of tomatoes and other vegetables. These olives have a high quality profile and are well known for the production of extra virgin olive oil. 

Oleic acid is present in percentage of 64.9% and their stability is 41.6 h. These olive fruits have balanced oils with peppery flavor at the beginning of the harvesting season, which turn into sweetness at the end of the season. The taste which is left in the mouth after consuming this oil is similar to smooth green almond flavor which leaves a very pleasant sensation.

  1. Picudo

This type contains 66% of oleic acid and the fatty acid profile is similar to the lechin cultivar. Picudo falls under the delicate fruit category because it is easily prone to oxidation. While talking about their organoleptic qualities, these own a balanced flavor profile with no hard taste and a smooth consistency.

  1. Cornicabra

Cornicabra has 75.5% oleic acid with stability of 110.4 h. They have different flavors and textures similar to exotic fruits e.g., avocados. Cornicabra has mild peppery and sweet flavor with smooth, velvety oil texture. 

They are very stable owing to the presence of high mono-unsaturated fatty acids. Their chemical profile plays a significant role in the development of excellent flavor and aroma in comparison to other varieties.

Last Words:

Finca la Torre is all in all an excellent olive oil production industry, which has been working since 210 B.C. Their award section define how well they are performing and how much good quality they are providing to their customers. Vast olive oil fields with 4 unique tree types is the reason behind their unique olive oil production full of flavor and dietary nutrients. For further details you can visit Finca la Torre.

Finca la Torre Tourismus 

Olive Oil Testing by Finca la Torre

You can visit the farm of Finca la Torre. They offer guided visits and olive oil tasting. Only you have to contact them. Visit this link and contact Finca la Torre or contact us 





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