Olive Oil Nobleza del Sur Tradición 1640 Arbequina 500ml

    Olive Oil Nobleza del Sur Tradición 1640 Arbequina 500ml

    Tradición 1640 Arbequina, the high quality extra virgin olive oil from Nobleza del Sur delights with its pleasant sweetness, herbal aromas and a slight spiciness.

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    • 2023/2024
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    First-class TRADICIÓN 1640 ARBEQUINA olive oil in a 500 ml bottle

    The high-quality extra virgin olive oil Tradición 1640, a tribute to the founder of the Nobleza del Sur family business, is produced in the family-owned oil mill in a collaboration of three generations. The pure Arbequina olive oil fascinates the olive oil connoisseur because of its unique variety of aromas and offers the olive oil newcomer a pleasant sweetness to start with.

    The Finca El Campillo, where the aromatic Arbequina olives are grown, is located in Jaén , in southern Spain. Crossed by numerous native plants, the Nobleza del Sur olive grove boasts a natural flora and fauna that the Peñuelas-Sagra family is passionate about preserving. For this reason, Nobleza del Sur not only pays attention to environmental compatibility in its organic olive oils, but also tries to whenever it is possible to do without chemicals.

    Nobleza del Sur Arbequina olive oil

    Top Arbequina olive oil from Nobleza del Sur

    Because the small, round Arbequina olive has slightly fewer polyphenols than other olive varieties, it is usually harvested early, when the olives are just beginning to change color from green to purple. Therefore, the high-quality, varietal Tradición 1640 from Nobleza del Sur is yellowish-green in color. It is produced by cold pressing, so that all the wonderful aromas and valuable ingredients of the fresh Arbequina olive are contained in the finished extra virgin olive oil.

    Arbequina olive oil scores with both mono- and polyunsaturated fatty acids. It contains vitamins E and K and also has polyphenols. With its healthy ingredients, the oil makes a valuable contribution to healthy nutrition. Regular consumption can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. It supports the intestinal flora and stimulates digestion. Extra virgin olive oil helps regulate cholesterol levels. A diet based on the Mediterranean diet and olive oil as the basis for fat intake can even help to prevent various types of cancer.

    Tradición 1640 Arbequina, sweet and spicy

    However, the first-class Tradición 1640 Arbequina, like every high-quality extra virgin olive oil, is not forever durable. Because the longer it is stored, the more of its valuable ingredients and its wonderful aromas are broken down. To slow down this process, you need to properly store the exclusive olive juice:

    • To protect the oil from light, it comes in a dark glass bottle. Do not pour into a transparent container. The 500 milliliter glass bottle from Nobleza del Sur is so attractively designed that it can also be placed on the lunch table.
    • To ensure that as little oxygen as possible gets to the exquisite oil, never leave it lying around. Make sure the screw cap is always tight.
    • Heat also causes the high-quality oil to spoil more quickly. Therefore, store Tradición 1640 Arbequina in a cool place, such as the pantry or a kitchen base cabinet.

    If stored properly, you can enjoy the wonderful scent of fresh olives that greets you when you open the olive oil bottle for a long time. If you sniff a little longer at the exquisite Arbequina olive oil from Nobleza del Sur, you can also perceive aromas of tart herbs and green fruits. And if you hold your nose very close to the yellowish-green oil and take a deep breath, you can even detect sweetish notes of apple, banana and almond.

    Anyone who dares and tries a sip of the top-class extra virgin olive oil will be surprised by a pleasant sweetness on the tip of the tongue. A typical, balanced bitterness unfolds on the palate. The oil comes off with a slight sharpness, which remains in the mouth even after swallowing.

    Feasting with Tradición 1640 Arbequina olive oil

    In order not to destroy flavors or vitamins, you should use the cold-pressed extra virgin olive oil either raw consume or drizzle on the already prepared dishes. We recommend the high quality olive oil:

    • with cooked seafood
    • with fried and grilled fish
    • to lettuce
    • to fruit salads
    • to desserts
    • to cold sauces, e.g. B. a homemade mayonnaise
    • for the carpaccio
    • and of course raw, as a dip for freshly baked white bread.

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    500 ml
    Castellar, Province of Jaén - Andalusia - Spain
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Type of Olive
    100% Arbequina
    Organic farming
    Oil pressing
    Cold presst extra virgin olive oil
    Green with golden shades
    Medium fruity
    Intense aromas of herbs and fruits. The aromas of green apple, almond and banana are appreciated in a sweet way.
    The bitter and spicy are very balanced, it is persistent over time.
    Machine readed by vibration process with collection screen and vereo.
    This olive juice is ideal for use raw. Combines perfectly with fish and shellfish, fruit salads, sauces, carpaccios, desserts.
    Ean13 - Referencia
    8437011635433 - 8437011635433
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