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Olive Oil La Maja Tosca Limited Edition 500ml

Olive Oil La Maja Tosca Limited Edition 500ml

For years, this family business has been dedicated to their olive grove with the goal of creating uniquely flavoured oils. La Maja Arbosana is one of them.

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Tasting note of Edición Limitada La Maja Tosca olive oil

Olive oil tasting note


Sweet, candy flavour, with notes of red fruits, fruits of the forest, and raspberry, and also lighter notes of kiwi and banana.




A long-lasting flavour with a sweet start and a kick of raspberry, strawberry, and banana. A very light heat and bitterness.

500 ml
Mendavia, Navarra - Northern Spain
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Type of Olive
100% Tosca
Organic farming
Intense fruity
Sweet, candy flavour, with notes of red fruits, fruits of the forest, and raspberry, and also lighter notes of kiwi and banana.
A long-lasting flavour with a sweet start and a kick of raspberry, strawberry, and banana. A very light heat and bitterness.
read by machine
Raw use, salads, vegetables, meat, fish.
Ean13 - Referencia
- 8437002905415

Aceites La Maja

Agricola La Maja was founded in 1997 and since then it has been run by a family. La Maja is dedicated to the harvesting and cultivation of olive fruits to produce high quality extra virgin olive oil. Acetie (oil) of La Maja clearly reflects the careful hard work of the company’s team.

From olive tree plantation to fruit harvesting, gathering to oil extraction, storage to packaging and shipment, thus each and every step is carried out with utmost care to maintain the high quality of extra virgin olive oil.

Olive Groves

Alfar La Maja Olives

Olive groves which means group of olive trees, are planted in such a manner that mother nature favors the cultivation and maturation of the olive to the optimum level. Efficiency of mechanical as well as hand picking of the olives is also favored and improved by the arrangement of the plants.

At La Maja, the main variety of olive trees which is cultivated is ARBEQUINA and small amount of other varieties are also cultivated like Picual, Empeltre, Arbosana and Koroneiki. Oil is extracted from two types of fruits:

  • From green olives of only ARBEQUINA variety
  • From ripe olives, 75% of ARBEQUINA and rest from other varieties

The collection method of olives is fully mechanized to prevent the contact of the fruit with the ground, which if happens will lead to oxidation and deterioration. Fruits are immediately transferred to the mill and are grinded within 12 hours of collection to avoid inappropriate changes in the fruit as they are prone to oxidation.

Olive Oil Production

Olives which are obtained at the harvest time depends entirely upon the variety of trees, soil, climate, health of the crop and the maturity level. The general composition of the fruit which is harvested contains:

  • Oil: 15- 30%
  • Water: 40- 55%
  • Plant tissues and bone: 23- 35%

Following are the main steps which are involved in the olive oil production at La Maja’s mills:

  1. Reception

In reception, cleaning and temporary storage of the olives is carried out before they are sent for grinding. After the olives reach the olive press, sieve and fan installments eliminate the leaves, twigs and poor quality olives from the healthy olives. 

After the separation of unwanted objects, washing is carried out by spraying water that removes the dust and dirt followed by the weighing procedure. Washed olives are then set on hoppers to enter the feed mill portion.


In this step, shaking and extraction of olive oil from the fruit is done. A mil of hammers, which are made of stainless steel, crushes the olives. After crushing, a mass is obtained which contains fruit water, pulp and skin of the fruit. Then this mass is beaten at constant temperature below 27ºC to ensure the prevention of oxidation. This step is also known as cold press.

After a cold press, centrifugation is done, which separates the oil from the rest of the mass. Centrifugation is carried out at low temperature and high speed to preserve not only the amount of all the olive oil, but also the required quality.

At this step, extra virgin olive oil is ready to consume.

      1. Warehouse    

 After the oil is extracted, it is stored in stainless steel containers at a constant low temperature of 18 to 20ºC along with the continual nitrogen supply to maintain an inert atmosphere with no contact of air and external light. 

Extra virgin olive oil is then filled in bottles and cans as per requirement.

 La Maja’s Products:

La Maja has the highest q1uality of extra virgin olive oil, which is sold under the trademarks of the following:

 Other than extra virgin olive oil, following products are also sold by the La Maja company:

  •       Aged wine vinegar
  •       Modena balsamic vinegar
  •       Cracked olives


Characteristics of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Extra virgin olive oil produced at La Maja is of the highest quality and there is no doubt in it. They have won the quality stamps and various national and international awards. 

In their extra virgin olive oil the smell and taste are completely irreproachable. Acidity level is equal to or less than 0.8 degrees. It is suitable for direct consumption. It gives fresh grassy like flavor immediately after consumption, which then turns into bitter flavor and gives pepper like sensation in the throat after swallowing. Sometimes its flavor is also similar to green almonds.

In short, extra virgin olive oil of La Maja is rich in flavor and unique aroma, which no one can forget after tasting. It leaves a long lasting pleasant sensation that cannot be compared with any other olive oil.

Last Words:

Acetie of La Maja is totally different from all other companies. They are fully dedicated to one purpose by focusing mainly on one variety of olive trees. In the production hall, they abide by strictly to the hygienic standards and quality parameters to produce the highest quality of the extra virgin olive oil in the market. For further details you can make a free visit to the ‘ La Maja’.

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