Olive Oil Castillo de Canena Family Reserve Arbequina 500ml

Recognisable across half of the world, with this incredible oil Reserva de Familia Arbequina Castillo de Canena demonstrates itself to be one of the finest producers on the world market. 

Castillo de Canena


16,27 €

OriginCanena, Province of Jaén - Andalusia - Spain
Content500 ml
Type of Olive100% Arbequina
QualityExtra Virgin Olive Oil
Oil pressingCold presst extra virgin olive oil
ColorGreen with golden shades
FruitinessMedium fruity
AromaMedium intensity of olive; mature and sweet fruity aromas, with a moderate and delicate floral aroma.
FlavorA similar aromatic character is also evident in the palate of a fluid oil dominated by mature almond, with low yet continuing spice and bitterness.
HarvestingMachine readed by vibration process with collection screen.
AdviceEspecially recommended when cooking fish, in vinegars and mayonnaises. An ideal substitute for butter in the preparation of cakes.

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