Organic Olive Oil Alhema de Queiles...
    Organic Olive Oil Alhema de Queiles...
    Organic Olive Oil Alhema de Queiles...
    Organic Olive Oil Alhema de Queiles...
    Organic Olive Oil Alhema de Queiles...
    Organic Olive Oil Alhema de Queiles...

    Organic Olive Oil Alhema de Queiles 500 ml Canister

    Refine vegetables, salads, meats or fish with the sophisticated and elegant Alhema de Queiles blend. The organic olive oil from Navarra, with a fruity and fresh aroma, impresses for its elegance and flavor

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    • 2023/2024
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    Alhema de Queiles 500 ml of organic olive oil in a practical metal can

    Yellow and pure, almost like liquid gold, the high quality organic olive oil quality shines almost like a liquid gold Alhema de Queiles when poured from the can. It is not surprising, because the small arbequina olives, like the regional olives from Arróniz, come exclusively from our own cultivation. The manufacturer Hacienda Queiles is located in a fertile and picturesque valley in the south of Navarra, on the Spanish peninsula

    Hacienda queiles

    Because Hacienda Queiles grows organically, with the excellent Alhema de Queiles blend you can not only expect a very tasty olive oil, but also an olive oil free of contaminants. With its aromatic and slightly bitter taste, it is very popular among olive oil connoisseurs. But many newcomers who like a slight spiciness also like fresh and fruity Organic extra virgin olive oil

    Alhema de Queiles, an extravagant blend

    Even if an olive oil coupage is always extracted from at least two different types of olives, it can in no way be compared to a wine blend. Quite the opposite: in the olive oil blend, the olive varieties are specifically selected. The pressing process does not occur arbitrarily, but rather the manufacturer deliberately mixes the proportions of the different types of olives in such a way as to achieve optimal flavor and quality.

    This only benefits you as a customer. Because

    • Hacienda Queiles' excellent organic blend can delight you with the same excellent flavor every year.
    • Alhema de Queiles always makes the same healthy ingredients.

    Both the small Arbequina olive and the regional Arróniz olive contain many unsaturated fatty acids, known to prevent cardiovascular diseases. They also have antioxidants that, among other things, slow down the skin aging process.

    How should I preserve Alhema de Queiles?

    Under no circumstances should you keep the unique Alhema de Queiles next to the kitchen stove. You may find it practical to always have on hand the wonderful fresh organic olive oil, but Unfortunately, both the healthy ingredients and wonderful flavors are lost due to heat. After a few weeks you will notice a significant loss in quality.

    Therefore, place the Alhema de Queiles 500 ml bottle in the pantry or in a low kitchen cabinet to store it. Never leave the container open, carefully screw the lid on after each use. If you want to put Alhema on the table menu for lunch, always fill as little as possible so that it runs out quickly. Also choose a dark glass carafe, because light also causes the aroma and active ingredients to fade.

    However, if you have done everything correctly when storing it, you will still be able to enjoy a oil extra virgin olive.

    To taste, pour the softened golden olive oil into a wide, shallow glass. Shake the glass a little and then smell the opening.

    The aroma of freshly cut green pepper fills your nose, you can smell the aroma of ripe tomatoes and an aroma of freshly ground pepper complements the extraordinary bouquet.

    Take a small sip of the premium blend in your mouth and the aromas of fresh olives, ripe tomatoes, yellow apples and almonds will delight your palate. After a short moment, the aromatic Alhema de Queiles develops all its personality and you will also be able to discover its wonderful freshness, the unique spiciness and the slight bitterness of the Arróniz olives.

    Season your dishes with Navarra's award-winning olive oil!

    Because the organic company Hacienda Queiles grows olives and produces olive oil with passion and love, each year it produces extra virgin olive oils of incomparable quality. The company is pleased to confirm this excellent quality. For this reason, Hacienda Queiles participates year after year in numerous olive oil competitions and can boast of its exquisite Extra Virgin organic olive oils consistently winning the highest awards.

    For example:

    • First place for organically grown olive oil in the Light Fruity category of EXPOLIVA 2019.
    • In 2018, Hacienda Queiles olive oil at Flos Olei was named the best olive oil in the world in the Light Fruity category.
    • In 2017 he received the silver medal in ECOTRAMA,
    • Gold medal 2016 in Italy
    • And many, many more.

    It is best to enjoy Alhema de Queiles raw, on a slice of freshly baked white bread to savor all the wonderful flavors in every bite. But roasted vegetables or baked fish can also be ideally refined with this attractive and spicy blend. The aromatic extra virgin olive oil puts the icing on the cake to a juicy beef filet and adds a fresh and bitter touch to the green leaf lettuce.

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    500 ml
    Monteagudo, Navarra - Northern Spain
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Type of Olive
    100% Blend
    Organic farming
    Arróniz & Arbequina
    Golden yellow
    Ean13 - Referencia
    8437002570217 - 8437002570217
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