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    Olive Oil Nobleza del Sur premium Arbequina 500ml

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    • 2023/2024
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    0.5 l Arbequina Premium, from the first harvest

    Enjoy a harmonious Extra virgin olive oil from Nobleza del Sur, which connoisseurs and olive oil newcomers love alike. The light green olive oil comes from the Finca El Campillo in Jaén, which is located in the heart of Andalusia. Relatively mild winters and sunny summers provide the olive trees with an excellent climate for producing juicy fruit.

    Nobleza del Sur is a family business, where three generations bring their experience and knowledge of olive cultivation and careful processing. This creates a bridge from tradition to modernity that has proven to be very successful. Because the Arbequina Premium enjoys great popularity both nationally and internationally. Both its wonderfully fresh aromas and the high health value are generally appreciated.

    Nobleza del Sur olive oil from Jaen

    Well-known and popular Arbequina premium olive oil

    Because the olives are not yet fully ripe during the first harvest, the oil yield is high less, but the quality better. Because the fruits picked early score with a high polyphenol content and many antioxidants. Compared to other olive varieties, the Arbequina olive contains a higher proportion of polyunsaturated fatty acids. These fatty acids are particularly important for the body because it cannot produce them itself.

    The oleic acid content of the Arbequina olive is also high, so that regular consumption of the high-quality Arbequina Premium effectively helps to regulate your cholesterol level. In general, Arbequina olive oils are somewhat more unstable and therefore have a shorter shelf life. However, the early harvest for the Arbequina Premium leads to a low acid and peroxide content, so that the degree of oxidation of the unique top oil is also very low.

    Because the extravagant olive oil inspires with wonderfully fresh aromas at the same time, it repeatedly receives awards and medals. The Arbequina Premium could already

    • score at the Expoliva.
    • It won an award at the Evooleum,
    • was successful at Olive Japan
    • and was awarded at the NYIOOC in New York.

    This is how you preserve the wonderful bouquet

    Once you have received the bottle of the high-quality Arbequina Premium you should not miss the opportunity to taste the unique top-quality oil. Open the bottle and pour a large gulp of the aromatic olive oil into a wide, low glass, such as a whiskey tumbler. If you would like to carry out the tasting professionally, use the blue tasting glasses from our range.< /p>

    Swirl your test glass a little and warm it in the palm of your hand so that all the wonderful aromas can develop ideally. Then you sniff over the glass and can first perceive the scent of fresh, green olives. If you smell a little longer, more scents will fill your nose. Green herbs and green fruit aromas spread and scents of green apple, banana and green almond can be recognized. When you have taken in the full bouquet with your nose, treat yourself to a tiny sip.

    Slowly let the oil roll over your lips to experience the softness of Arbequina Premium. Arrived at the tip of the tongue, the popular top oil unfolds a pleasant sweetness. A very low level of bitterness and an aromatic spiciness can be perceived in the interior of the mouth. Even after swallowing, the fresh taste stays in the mouth for a while.

    So that you don't lose these wonderful aromas and the valuable healthy ingredients of the Arbequina Premium from Nobleza del Sur after just a few weeks, you should attach great importance to the correct storage of the top oil. Keep to the following rules:

    • Make sure that the olive oil bottle is always tightly closed. Olive oil that is in the dispenser on the table should be used immediately.
    • Do not leave the closed bottle of Arbequina Premium within reach next to the stove, but store the green gold in a cool place, in the pantry or in a kitchen base cabinet.
    • Do not pour the valuable oil into a transparent container, because the light also leads to a loss of aroma in a top-class extra virgin olive oil.

    Arbequina Premium, an oil everyone loves

    Because of its pleasant mildness, the fruity Arbequina Premium is popular with both passionate olive oil connoisseurs and olive oil newcomers alike. It can be eaten raw, on a slice of freshly baked white bread, or used to round off your delicious dishes.

    We recommend:

    • Serve the premium oil as a dip with fresh, home-baked bread as a starter or as a small snack in between.
    • Drizzle the fruity extra virgin olive oil over a carpaccio to round it off aromatically.
    • Complement cooked seafood or grilled fish with the pleasantly mild aroma of Arbequina Premium.
    • Refine cold sauces, such as homemade mayonnaise or an aioli, with the fresh, aromatic premium oil.
    • The fresh, green olive oil even puts the icing on the cake for a fruit salad or a fruity dessert.
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    500 ml
    Castellar, Province of Jaén - Andalusia - Spain
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Type of Olive
    100% Arbequina
    Organic farming
    Oil pressing
    Cold presst extra virgin olive oil
    Intense fruity
    Intense fruit and herbaceous aromas. Green apple, banana and almond are appreciated.
    Its delicate flavor stands out, with a very balanced bitter and spicy flavor. Great persistence.
    Machine readed by vibration process with collection screen and vereo.
    Ideal for cooking all kinds of fish and seafood, both cooked and grilled, tropical salads, sauces and desserts. Perfect connection for crude use.
    Ean13 - Referencia
    8437011635266 - 8437011635044
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