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    Olive Oil Mendía 500ml
    Olive Oil Mendía 500ml
    Olive Oil Mendía 500ml
    Olive Oil Mendía 500ml

    Olive Oil Mendía 500ml

    Arróniz, in the region of Navarra, Spain, has provided us with an oil that has a large number of antioxidants resulting in a fresh taste and a healthy oil.

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    Mendía olive oil, 500 ml of Navarra olive oil

    Mendía is an extra virgin olive oil of the Arroniz variety and can be described as a typical Olive Oil of Navarra. Because the medium-sized Arroniz olive comes from the region and is also mainly cultivated in the autonomous community in northern Spain. The medium-fruity oil pleases with its fresh scent and balanced taste. As a Spanish olive oil, it is perfect for Mediterranean cuisine.

    Spanish Arroniz olive oil

    The Arroniz olive is particularly popular with olive growers in northern Spain because it survives both cool winters and dry summers well. At home in Navarre, it is perfectly adapted to the climate. Because of the cool spring, it blooms late and, because of the low temperatures at the beginning of winter, has relatively little time to mature.

    The medium-sized, oval fruit is dark red to black in color when ripe. The Arroniz is mainly used for olive oil production. Spanish olive oil of this variety is rich in antioxidants. This makes the oil particularly valuable for health. Because it contributes positively to the regulation of the cholesterol level as well as to the avoidance of narrowing of the arteries. At the same time, Mendía, the Arroniz olive oil from Navarre, is very persistent.

    Mendía, aromatic olive oil from Navarre

    Create that holiday feeling within your own four walls and enjoy delicious Spanish olive oil at home with Mendía! As soon as you smell the bottle that has just been opened, you will be greeted by a wonderful freshness. The yellow-green, medium-fruity extra virgin olive oil smells of freshly cut grass and green olive leaves.

    The taste of the delicious oil changes from an initial mildness on the tip of the tongue to a pleasant spiciness. Accompanied by the typical olive oil bitterness, Mendía ends with a slight spiciness. The very harmonious olive oil from Navarra should be stored away from air, light and heat.

    Spanish olive oil is so versatile

    The well-balanced Mendía is suitable for the typical dishes of the Mediterranean cuisine, but can also be used to round off typical German dishes. Use the delicious olive oil from Navarre:

    • for the salad dressing from
    • Leaf lettuce
    • mixed salad
    • Pasta, rice or potato salad
    • for grilled vegetables or for pan-fried vegetables
    • for grilled meat
    • for grilling or roasting fish
    • for hearty stews
    • for tasty toasts
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    500 ml
    Arróniz, Navarra - Northern Spain
    Extra Virgin Olive Oil
    Type of Olive
    100% Arróniz
    Green - yellow
    Medium fruity
    Freshly cut green herbs, with olive leaves.
    A smooth start resulting in a medium bitterness and heat. Well balanced.
    Vareo mechanics vibrator.
    An oil perfect for dressing salads, all types of vegetables, and all kinds of broths and soups.
    Ean13 - Referencia
    8437006398015 - 8437006398015

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