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    Organic balsamic vinegar Soler Romero

    Learn with organic balsamic vinegar from Soler Romero vinegar know as a delicacy! Soler Romero Organic Balsamic Vinegar is healthy and delicious.

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    Soler Romero organic balsamic vinegar

    As a manufacturer of high-quality extra virgin olive oil, Soler Romero is not only known in Spain but all over the world and popular. From vegetable soup to salad dressing, numerous delicacies can be refined with the top oils. But because a first-class vinaigrette includes both an exclusive olive oil and a high-quality vinegar, the popular olive oil producer has also decided to produce vinegar. And since for Soler Romero, in addition to the production of top quality products, environmental protection and sustainability are top priorities, all Soler Romero Vinegars in organic quality.

    Not only in Italy, but also in Spain, a high-quality balsamic vinegar is considered a specialty. After all, an exquisite balsamic vinegar with a pleasant acidity, a caramel-like sweetness and different fruity aromas can score points. However, in order to produce a truly top-quality product, first-class raw materials, experience and a long maturation period are necessary. The dark balsamic vinegar from Soler Romero meets all these requirements and easily surpasses many original Italian balsamic vinegars thanks to its natural production from organic grapes.

    Vinagre Balsámico de Jaén

    Of course, the bottle of balsamic vinegar from Soler Romero does not say Aceto balsamico Tradizionale di Modena, because after all this name is protected. Nevertheless, the high-quality, dark balsamic vinegar is produced in a traditional way in Jaén, Spain. Soler Romero uses only the first-class Spanish grapes of the Malbec and Pedro Jimenez varieties, both from organic farming, as starting products.

    The exquisite balsamic vinegar consists of 55 percent wine vinegar and 45 percent grape must. For the wine vinegar, the grapes are first subjected to vinegar fermentation. The resulting wine vinegar is then stored in barrels for at least 12 months before being mixed with grape must, which has been boiled down at high temperatures. This mixture rests and matures in oak barrels for five years. This thickens the vinegar and makes it milder at the same time. The end result is a dense, dark, full-bodied balsamic vinegar with a complex flavor.

    Soler Romero uses 100 percent natural, organically grown ingredients for its premium balsamic vinegar. No caramel, sugar or sweetener is added. The dark balsamic vinegar from Jaén gets its color exclusively from storage and its sweetness comes only from the high-quality grapes and the grape juice that has been boiled down.

    A vinegar to enjoy

    An exclusive balsamic vinegar is mainly used to put the icing on the cake with high-quality delicacies. Because the gourmet vinegar not only tastes sour, but also sweet. Due to its long storage in oak barrels, the full-bodied Vinagre balsámico from Soler Romero can offer further flavor nuances, such as roasted aromas, nuances of dried fruit, floral and citrus-fresh aromas, as well as slight traces of coffee and caramel taste.

    There is nothing wrong with enjoying the excellent balsamic vinegar raw. Serve a glass full of schnapps as an aperitif before a heavy festive roast, the balsamic sweetness tickles the taste buds and at the same time the acetic acid stimulates digestion. Because, like all vinegar, the dark balsamic vinegar from Soler Romero also contains acetic acid (six percent), which has a positive effect on health:

    • Sie hilft bei der Verdauung von Fett und Kohlehydraten.
    • Sie schützt vor Blähungen.
    • Sie trägt zur Milderung bei Darmentzündungen bei.
    • Sie unterstützt eine Diät zur Gewichtsreduzierung.
    • Sie kann die Senkung eines überhöhten Cholesterinspiegels unterstützen.
    • Sie wirkt antimikrobiell und antioxidativ.

    Soler Romero Balsamico consumer tips

    Even if the high-quality balsamic vinegar does not have to be given a best-before date, you should store the top product properly:

    • Never leave the vinegar lying around! Fruit flies also love the sweet and sour taste. If they get into the bottle, they contribute to the spoilage of the gourmet vinegar.
    • Store the dark balsamic vinegar from Soler Romero in a cool and dark place to preserve its full-bodied taste.
    • Do not pour the balsamic vinegar into a light-colored glass carafe, because exposure to light and sunlight reduces its attractive aromas.

    But if you like first-class dining, you won't have to keep the exquisite balsamic vinegar for long, because after all it can't just be served as an aperitif. With the sweet and sour specialty you can, among other things

    • Season the tomato salad,
    • Refine hearty stews,
    • Round off game dishes,
    • refining hearty roasts,
    • optimize steamed vegetables,
    • Seasoning desserts in an unconventional and interesting way.

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    250 ml
    Alcaudete, Province of Jaén - Andalusia - Spain
    Organic farming
    5 years
    Tasting Notes:
    Dense vinegar with a very rich sweet entry. The toasted and coffee aromas are appreciated and its aging in oak barrels is quickly perceived.
    Ideal for dressing salads, macerating fruits such as strawberries, raspberries and red fruits. It is unique to enhance the flavor of roast meat sauces, cured cheeses.
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