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Organic Olive Oil Soler Romero Picual 500 ml

Organic Olive Oil Soler Romero Picual 500 ml

Enjoy this spectacular extra virgin olive oil of the picual variety from Soler Romero. High intensity oil that will surprise you and that you will want to buy again. Made with fruits from centenary olive trees over 200 years old, cultivated for more than 30 years with sustainable and ecological agriculture techniques.

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500 ml organic olive oil Soler Romero Picual

With the delicious organic olive oil Soler Romero Picual you are choosing a high-quality, aromatic extra virgin olive oil from the largest olive-growing area in Spain. Because the more than 600 hectare finca of Soler Romero is located in Jaen, in the south of the country. Even if many types of olives thrive in the sun-drenched area, the typical olive oil from Jaen is pressed from the oval, slightly pointed Picual olives.

Despite its size, Soler Romero is a family business with tradition, which since 2001 has completely converted to organic olive cultivation and organic olive oil production. The spicy, intensely fruity organic olive oil Soler Romero Picual is now exported all over the world. In addition to the European organic certificate, it has the US certificate for organic food, as well as the Japanese and Chinese organic certification.

Benefits of Soler Romero Organic Olive Oil

Organic olive cultivation should actually be a must worldwide, because a first-class, organic extra virgin olive oil is good for human health as well as the environment:

  • Organic olive oil Soler Romero Picual is rich in polyphenols and therefore has a positive effect on the immune system.
  • At the same time, the high polyphenol content should protect against certain types of cancer.
  • The polyphenols in olive oil from Jaen have an antioxidant effect and
  • prevent clogging of the arteries and thus heart attacks and strokes.
  • Because the olive oil Soler Romero Picual consists of around 75 percent of the valuable oleic acid, it can prevent high blood pressure.
  • It assists in lowering cholesterol and
  • reduces the risk of developing dementia in old age.

While conventional olive cultivation goes hand in hand with soil erosion, water and soil pollution and the destruction of various plant and animal species, organic olive cultivation and the ecological production of olive oil on the finca of Soler Romero are characterized by the following features:

  • The soil between the olive trees is consolidated by natural ground cover.
  • Because neither synthetic or chemical fertilizers nor pesticides or herbicides are used for pest control, the cleanliness of rivers and lakes is not impaired.
  • The biological olive grove scores in flora and fauna with a large variety of species and thus contributes to the conservation of animals and plants.

Jaen olive oil, the perfect gift

As you have now read, everything speaks in favor of having the yellowish-green, full-bodied olive oil from Jaen on the menu every day. However, there are also many reasons to give away a bottle of the organic olive oil Soler Romero Picual. Because with the full-bodied extra virgin olive oil, you can give the recipient an exclusive taste experience.

At the same time, of course, you are contributing a little to environmental protection with your gift. After all, the olives for the aromatic organic olive oil thrive in an olive forest with 197 different animal and plant species.

Because the high-quality oil is only pressed at low temperatures in compliance with all regulations for extra virgin olive oil, the wonderful aromas and healthy active ingredients of the Picual olive are retained. In this way, you make a valuable contribution to keeping the recipient healthy with your present.

And because your dear friend will taste wonderfully the unique olive oil Soler Romero Picual, you can assume that he will get another bottle when the bottle is empty. In this way, you also indirectly contribute to his future healthy diet.

Olive oil Soler Romero Picual fresh and aromatic

If you have just received a 500 milliliter bottle with the ecological olive oil Soler Romero Picual from our range and you would like to taste it, proceed as follows:

  • Pour a large sip of Jaen olive oil into a low, wide glass, such as a whiskey tumbler or olive oil test glass.
  • Warm the glass in the cupped hand for about two minutes until the oil has reached a temperature of 25 to 30 degrees.
  • Use your other hand as a lid at the same time so that the wonderful aromas that are now slowly developing cannot escape.
  • Swirl the glass, because this will release even more aromas.
  • Now stick your nose into the glass.
  • When you inhale deeply, you can smell the green scent of fresh herbs and olive leaves. You will also smell fruity notes of olives, tomatoes and artichokes.
  • Then take a small sip of Soler Romero Picual olive oil in your mouth. A very slight sweetness unfolds on the tip of the tongue, which changes into the taste of green olives, almonds, artichokes and olive leaves in the inside of the mouth. They will have a slight bitterness typical of high quality olive oil
500 ml
Alcaudete, Province of Jaén - Andalusia - Spain
Extra Virgin Olive Oil
Type of Olive
100% Picual
Organic farming
Oil pressing
Cold presst extra virgin olive oil
Polyphenol content
800 ppm
Green - yellow
Intense fruity
The medium-high intensity of its aromas is quickly perceived. The notes of freshly cut grass, olive leaf and almond stand out.
In the mouth it has a very balanced bitter and spicy flavor, highlights the green apple and the freshly cut hay. Its flavor lasts, highlighting the nuances of the olives.
Machine readed by vibration process with collection screen and vereo.
It is recommended to use it raw to enhance its flavors and aromas. It pairs with any dish, meat, fish, cold cuts and even with desserts.
Ean13 - Referencia
8437004324106 - 8437004324106

The family business Soler Romero inspires as the largest, organic olive oil producer in Spain with unique extra virgin olive oils of top quality.

Soler Romero olive oil in top organic quality

The finca of Soler Romero, the largest organic olive oil producer in Spain, is located in Jaen, more precisely in Alcaudete, a small town in Andalusia, the sun-drenched south of the country. Cortijo el Tobazo consists of a single large olive grove that extends over more than 600 hectares. In the middle of the finca is the Almazara, the oil mill.

Soler Romero, the producer of the world-famous and recognized Soler Romero olive oil, is a family business that has specialized in organic olive oil production since 2001. Founded in 1860, the manufacturer of first-class, ecological extra virgin olive oil is now (already in the 6th generation) under the management of Doña Isabel Romero and her children.

As an anecdote about how the immense size of the olive grove came about, the family members fondly remember the following story: In the middle of the 19th century, Doña Casilda, the founder of the company, bought a plot of land. She allowed shepherds to graze their cattle on their land, but obliged them to plant olive trees in return. This is how the huge olive grove developed, the oldest trees of which are more than 200 years old.

Olive Oil Soler Romero

This is how the Soler Romero olive oil is made

Producing healthy, high-quality organic extra virgin olive oil is Soler Romero's credo. This is why everything from cultivation to bottling of the oil takes place in-house at the family business. Only the self-grown olives are processed in the company's own mill. The high-quality organic extra virgin olive oil obtained from this is stored on the finca in stainless steel tanks and is also bottled in Cortijo el Tobazo.

Because the olive grove in Alcaudete is 600 meters above sea level, in an area that is exposed to large temperature fluctuations between winter and summer, the olive trees are largely immune to pests. In addition, the natural flora is preserved, which on the one hand also prevents pest infestation and at the same time makes it possible to dispense with chemical fertilization.

In order to avoid soil erosion, the natural vegetation cover - grasses and flowers - between the olive trees is preserved and cared for. Only waste from pruning, olive pomace and animal dung from the cattle living on the finca is used for fertilization.

Since the oil mill is in the middle of the area, it never takes more than three hours after the harvest before the olives can be ground. Of course, all manufacturing processes for the unique, organic Soler Romero extra virgin olive oil take place at low temperatures, so that all the healthy ingredients of the olive are transferred to the high-quality oil. After tasting and analysis, the finished Soler Romero olive oil is stored in the finca's cellar until it is bottled in large stainless steel tanks under a nitrogen atmosphere.

Soler Romero olive oil - ecology with passion

The Romero family is rightly proud of the worldwide recognition of their high-quality, ecological Soler Romero olive oil. Because with a lot of effort and passion, she not only devotes herself to the production of olive oil, but also pays special attention to first-class quality. At the same time, the family business attaches great importance to the preservation of the environment and is pleased about the great diversity of 197 animal and plant species in its olive grove.

Because only organic farming methods are used at Finca Cortijo el Tobazo, Soler Romero olive oil is popular all over the world and is exported to numerous countries in Europe, Asia and America. It has the following certificates:

  • for Europe since 2001: CAAE (European organic regulation 834/2007)
  • for the USA since 2003: USDA (USDA certificate, regulated in the National Organic Program = NOP)
  • for Japan since 2004: JAS (Japanese Certificate for Organic Agriculture, awarded by the Japanese Ministry of Forestry, Fisheries and Agriculture)
  • for China since 2011: GB 19630 (Chinese organic certificate, awarded by the Chinese authorities CNCA or CNAS)

Organic versus conventional olive cultivation

Organic olive cultivation is the healthy and environmentally friendly alternative to conventional olive cultivation. Because while in conventional cultivation quantity comes first, in organic cultivation the focus is on quality and environmental protection. These different principles have the following effects:

Classic olive cultivation:

  • massive use of herbicides and pesticides
  • Use of chemical fertilizers
  • Soil erosion
  • Pollution of surrounding soils, lakes and rivers
  • Decline in flora and fauna
  • Residues of fertilizers and pesticides in the groundwater
  • Residues of fertilizers and herbicides in food

Organic olive cultivation:

  • neither chemical nor synthetic agents are used
  • Only natural (vegetable and animal) waste that arises on the finca is fertilized.
  • natural ground cover (plants) are cherished and cared for
  • no environmental pollution
  • Conservation of flora and fauna
  • Acceptance and inclusion of the natural cycles
  • Harmony with nature

Soler Romero Olive Harvest

Soler Romero olive oil is made exclusively from organically grown olives. With the purchase of the organic, high-quality Soler Romero olive oil, you are contributing to environmental protection, doing your health good and you can also enjoy the wonderful aromas of a top-quality virgin olive oil.

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